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In total, I have written over 30 books ranging from parenting titles to books on how to write and get published, and a selection of titles on alternative health. I have also penned a series of creative non-fiction adventure books for kids, largely under the pen name of Rory Storm.

My latest book is published on 10 November 2022. Learning to Love the Spaces in Between is an exploration liminal space - those times and places where you are floating in between. It can be metaphysical - the place between sleep and wakefulness, between life and death, in altered consciousness, the transition between one life event and the next; or it can be physical space - the coastline between sea and shore, an empty gallery, the thin places. These spaces in between are often where insight, creativity and inspiration are found.  By learning to navigate and embrace liminal experiences, we can enhance our wellbeing and understanding of the world.

Please enjoy browsing through a selection of my books, listed here. 

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